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Hi, I'm Abbie, I live in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia.

I'm a mum and a dog mum.


I love to bake, sew, grow veggies, grow mushrooms, watch crime drama and play soccer.


A few years ago my husband Philip bought me an iPad for Christmas. At the time I was just after something bigger to play Candy Crush on, but I soon realised that there were much much more epic things to do on the iPad than beating those chocolate levels. I discovered Procreate® and basically became instantly hooked. It allows artists the freedom to take their work wherever they go. It is infinitely less complicated than other digital art software, but at the same time incredibly powerful and versatile. Having studied and lectured Fine Art and Jewellery Design and Manufacture at a tertiary level, I'm intimately acquainted with a huge range of media, so translating those into a digital form just captured my imagination and that is how UPROOT came to be. 

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