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  • After you have made your purchase you will be sent an email containing a link where will be able to download the zip files containing the brushes you have paid for.

  • If you are on a Windows computer you should download the zip files, unzip them, and upload them to your Dropbox or iCloud, from there you can drag them easily into Procreate using the Files app on your iPad.

  • If you are using a Mac, you can download them, unzip them and then Select and Share them directly to your iPad using Airdrop, this is by far the quickest method.

  • If you’re using your iPad please make sure that you have the latest iOS installed and that Safari is your default browser.

    • You should open the download email, and tap the download link. 

    • You’ll be redirected to your browser where the download will start.

    • The download progress is indicated in the top right of the safari window.

    • When it is done tap the download icon and tap the Zip file that you have just downloaded, it will redirect you to the downloads folder in your Files app, where you can easily unzip the file by tapping it.

    • Once it is unzipped you can open it to see the .brushset file.

    • Tap the file again and it should automatically redirect to Procreate where it will be installed.

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