I can’t find my invoice email?

Please make sure you have given me a viable e-mail address.
Please check your junk folder, if the email is in your junk folder move it to your inbox.
Email addresses that are t-online addresses do not receive emails from me, if you have a t-online address, please make sure you have provided me with an alternative email address.

I’m having trouble unzipping the files?

There are multiple ways to unzip your files, you can do it on your computer or download an app on your iPad, it is your choice. If you have a Mac you can unzip them on your machine, and then airdrop them directly into Procreate, I find this to be the easiest option. But failing that another extremely easy way to do it is to dowload and unzip them on your computer and then save them to Dropbox or iCloud. Make sure you have enabled iCloud or Dropbox in the Files app. Then you can open Files and Procreate side by side on your ipad and just drag the files into Procreate. This is a brilliant video that explains exactly how to get your brushes into Procreate: CLICK HERE TO WATCH

I can’t download and install my brushes?

Your zip file will contains a BRUSH SET and maybe a Procreate Canvas if you have purchased a product which includes one. Unzip it using whichever Unzipping app you have, and save it to Files on your iPad. Then open Files, and open the folder. Drag the Procreate app up from the bottom of the screen and open Files and Procreate Side by Side, now drag the items in the folder into Procreate, ONE AT A TIME. Remember, Procreate does not recognise a folder of items. Also Procreate cannot process a brush set and a canvas in the same import.
This is a brilliant video that shows you exactly how to get your brushes in Procreate: CLICK HERE TO WATCH NB!!!! If you are using your iPad to download your brushes, please ensure that you are using Safari or Google Chrome as your default browser as 3rd party browsers DO NOT WORK when downloading on an iPad.

How do I install a Procreate canvas?

Using whichever unzipping method you have chosen, open the folder containing the brush set and the canvas. You cannot import the entire folder into Procreate in one go. You must import the brush set and the canvas separately. Now you can use whichever import method you prefer, either airdrop it from your Mac or save it to Dropbox or iCloud and with Procreate and Files open side by side, drag it into Procreate from it's location in iCloud or Dropbox in the files app.

Can I sell things I make using your brushes?

YES! Yes, you can definitely, absolutely, sell things you have made using my brushes.

The download page won’t open on my iPad?

Are you using SAFARI as your default browser on your iPad? If you are downloading on your iPad, the download WILL NOT WORK ON MOST THIRD PARTY BROWSERS FIREFOX ETC! Only Safari and Google Chrome will work There are also multiple reasons for your download to seem slow, one can be your internet speed, number of users, the age of your iPad etc. It is worth trying on a Computer or a few different devices before you begin to panic.

I don’t have a PayPal account, how can I pay you?

You need to proceed to PayPal where it will allow you to pay with your credit card, even if you don’t have an account.

I can’t understand your Tutorials because they are too fast?

In the bottom right corner of the video there is a little cog, click on this, and then click on the word speed. You can then slow the video down. 0.25 is the slowest and 2 is the fastest.

Why don’t you speak in your Tutorials?

I don’t speak because I find that if I am following a tutorial with speaking and I miss an instruction its enormously frustrating to have to listen and relisten to catch the important moments, especially because in a tutorial where people speak they usually ramble endlessly and actually hearing all the vital information becomes a task in itself. So I made the conscious decision to make written instructions so that if you pause the video, or slow it down, instructions remain visible, unlike audio, which obviously does not. So that you can take the tutorial at your own pace and writing the information forces me to be concise and clear.

Why has my request to join the Facebook Group not been approved?

Only requests that have answered both the questions will be approved. Admins are also not online 24 hours a day and so it may take a couple of hours, or up to a day, for your request to be approved. Admins also live in different time zones and may be asleep at the time of your request. Please be patient.

I don’t want to join the Facebook Group, can I have the coupon anyway?

Coupons are one of the ways that I thank the Members of the Facebook Group for their support, and for being a part of the Uproot community. Some coupons are exclusive to the group and only its Members will have access to these.

It's still the day the coupon expires, but it says the coupon is no longer valid?

Uproot is based in Sydney, Australia and so all coupons expire according to Australian Eastern Standard Time. Basically, we just live in the future!

Something's gone wrong when I try to install my brushes?

1. Is your iOs up to date, ie. have you gone into your iPad’s settings and checked if there are any new updates. 2. Is your Procreate app up to date? Go into the App Store, and check in the updates tab if you are using the latest version of Procreate. 3. Which browser is your default browser on your iPad. THE ONLY BROWSERS WHICH WILL NOT CORRUPT YOUR BRUSH DOWNLOADS ARE SAFARI AND GOOGLE CHROME. If you have tried the above and you are still battling, open your email on a computer, delete all previous downloaded versions of your pack, and re-download. DO A DIRECT DOWNLOAD! Don't save directly to Dropbox. Unzip and then save to DropBox. Please remember that it takes a few seconds for a file to become usable if you've saved it to Dropbox because it might still be uploading. It may appear greyed out when you get to your iPad. Wait a few minutes before you begin to panic. Lastly, if this still doesn't work, please do the following: Delete all downloaded versions of the pack so far, both from your iPad and DropBox; Empty all trash cans; Clear your browser history and all cached files and cookies; Turn your iPad off and on again. Then try again.

My download links have expired!

Your Download links are only valid for 30 DAYS, after which they will expire and will not work. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for providing you with new links after this time. Please ensure that you save your brush files, PDFs, and other downloaded items to a secure location, such as Dropbox, so that they are always available for you to re-download. Should you not have saved your brush files, we will not provide you with new links, or files. If you become a site member before you make your purchase, your downloads will be available in your member profile for a LIMITED TIME after the 30 days. However, purchases made BEFORE becoming a site member will NOT show up in your member profile, and cannot be retrospectively added by any of the Uproot team.

My brush strokes don't look like yours...

All of our brushes are optimised for use with a pressure sensitive stylus, and work best with an Apple Pencil.

My iPad crashed and I lost all my brushes...

Please always backup your purchases, you never know what could happen. I strongly recommend that you save them to your computer or third party scloud storage, it will make recovering your brushes easy and give you peace of mind. Uproot takes no responsibility for your digital files and we will no longer replace lost brushes.