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Welcome to Mastering Everything Watercolour. Here you will learn how to:-

  • Begin producing beautiful analog looking watercolour art in Procreate.

  • Grow your understanding of Procreate

  • Recreate analog watercolour effects with ease

  • Speed up your workflow

  • Create clipart

  • Stop feeling out of your depth with Procreate watercolour and start creating with confidence

Every lesson comes with a comprehensive PDF to help you hit the ground running.

Plus over the length of the course you will receive tons of freebies including entire brushsets, brushes and multiple colour palettes.

You also get access to the Mastering Everything Watercolour Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your work and see what others are doing. The code to join is MAK3M3AMA5T3R.

Setting Up For Success

You’ll learn exactly how to set up a Watercolour canvas of any size in Procreate, using the Watercolour paper Texture brushes included in the Everything watercolour pack. 


Your Project Pack: two watercolour paper texture brushes and a handy PDF to help you every step of the way

Get to Know Your Brushes

Learn how to swatch out your new (and old) brushes to really get to know their capabilities.

Your Project Pack: a brush swatching stamp and a helpful PDF

Watercolour Thinking

This lesson will help you understand key elements of real watercolour painting, upping your Procreate watercolour game.


Your Project Pack: a PDF lesson summary with a link to a hefty Watercolour Pinterest board

Project 1: Banana

A quick project continuing on from the previous video, showing the lessons we’ve learned in practice.


Your Project Pack: a PDF lesson summary plus a Banana colour palette

Project 2 : Line and Colour

This project is loose and fun. We will create gorgeous quirky illustrations with loose watercolour and fine line drawing.


Your Project Pack: a very fine monoline drawing brush, a colour palette, and a helpful PDF with a link to the project Pinterest board

Project 3: Loose Florals

This video is a real time painting follow along. I explain each step as we go and we will paint three different Floral pieces.


Your Project Pack: a floral colour palette and a PDF with a link to the source images and lots more tips

Project 4: Cute Botanicals

An extremely fun project where we will paint sweet little floral arrangements in teacups.


Your Project Pack: a huge set of botanical stamp brushes, a set of teacup stamp brushes, six different limited colour palettes, and a PDF with helpful tips and a link to the project Pinterest board

Project 5: Watery Landscape

We will be painting a few really atmospheric, gorgeous landscapes, while learning some awesome tricks to achieve realistic watercolour effects.


Your Project Pack: two colour palettes, and a tree making brush set. Plus a PDF with handy tips and a link to the project Pinterest board

Project 6: Pansy Clipart

We will be painting pansies and turning the resulting images into PNGs ready for exporting and selling.


Your Project Pack: two pansy painting brushes, a colour palette. Plus a PDF with handy tips and a link to the project Pinterest board

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