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This Watercolour Pack is the most comprehensive Procreate watercolour bundle you’ll ever buy. With the launch of Procreate a whole new world of brush making possibilities has opened up. The new brush engine is extremely powerful and versatile and I’ve created 24 new watercolour brushes to add to this set which will take your Procreate watercolour to the next level.


I have added a Brush Reference PDF to the pack  so that you can see what each brush looks like and what it's for. 




The NEW Brushes for Procreate 5:

  • Blotchy Colour Faze - subtle colour varying blotchy splats
  • Mudhorn - recreates a colour lifting effect
  • School Paint - a wet streaky clumsy stroke
  • Messy Mixer - dry when you press softly, wet when you press hard
  • Grungy Glaze - for textured, wet, messy strokes
  • Swoop 'n Streak - a wet brush that leaves streaks
  • Dark Edge Little Brush - for smaller areas of painted colour
  • Dark Edge Simple - the 1st brush you'll grab to lay down paint
  • Inky Wash - Textured Japanese ink style stroke
  • Stain Smudger - a smudge tool for creating a bloom effect
  • Soft Damp - for creating large wet areas
  • Dark Edge Bleeder - a very versatile bleed edged brush
  • Japanese Scratch Ink - a textured ink brush
  • Japanese Scratch Ink Wet - a textured, diluted, wet ink brush
  • Stain Jane - for stained areas
  • Pigment Bleed - for adding saturated areas of bleeding paint
  • Stainy Brush - a textured dry brush with a seeping stain
  • Inky Velvet - a broad textured soft brush
  • Wishy Washy - a super soft wide mop
  • Inky Wash - like water until you push down and add pigment
  • Glazey Daisy - a dark edged textured brush
  • Brushy McBrush Face - a rough dark detailer
  • Big Wetty - a massive wet mop
  • Sketch Pencil - a pencil.....for sketching


Two brushes that are specifically designed for Lettering, but are equally handy for creating perfectly smoothed strokes in any watercolour painting:

  • Painterly Watercolour Lettering
  • Flo Lettering


Eight "effect" brushes which add realism by letting you create the edges and seepy bits that give watercolour it's organic charm:

  • Flecked Hard Edge
  • Hard Dark Edge
  • Blooming Cloud
  • Seep Edge Bumpy
  • Wet Bleed Edge
  • Blooming Seep
  • Moist Sharp Edges
  • Damp & Dry


These four brushes are dry and textural when you press lightly, but glazed and wet when you press harder:

  • Hogs Hair
  • Broad Dry
  • Blunt Dry
  • Japanese Watercolour



  • Watercolour Bristle
  • Poster Paint
  • Simple Visible Bristles
  • Old Brush
  • Flo
  • First Step Simple
  • First Step Basic
  • Broad Stroke
  • Floraliser
  • Botanicaliser
  • Big Wash
  • Controlled
  • Colour & Blend - Diffuse
  • Colour & Blend - Brush
  • Clean & Cloudy
  • Peonyrose
  • Trusty Gouache
  • Messy Bleed
  • Watercolour Eraser
  • Big Ass Filler & Eraser


The Smudgers, I've worked really hard to create a set of Smudgers that would actually feel like adding water to a painting:

  • Salt Smudge Tool
  • Directional Seep Smudger
  • Fluffy Smudger
  • Stubby Smudger
  • Colour Chaser Smudger
  • Push Down For Colour
  • Push Down For Water
  • Saturated Water Smudger


The drops and splatters:

  • Texture Adder
  • Splattering
  • Spotty Drops
  • Blotchy Drops
  • Drops
  • Splashy Drops
  • Spilling Drops
  • Sprinkle Drops


Wet on wet all over texture brushes can be used for big areas as a wash, or for small areas to add textural interest:

  • Wet On Wet 1
  • Wet On Wet 2
  • Wet On Wet 3
  • Wet On Wet 4
  • Wet On Wet 5
  • Wet On Wet 6
  • Wet On Wet 7
  • Wet On Wet 8
  • Dry Brush Texture


Paper Texture Brushes:


  • Recycled Butcher's Paper
  • Watercolour Paper Groovy
  • Watercolour Paper Rough
  • Watercolour Paper Crisp
  • Watercolour Paper Hand Pressed
  • Watercolour Paper Super
  • Watercolour Paper Posh
  • Watercolour Paper Ordinary
  • Watercolour Paper Smooth


You will also receive ONE READY TO GO fully set up Procreate watercolour canvas, containing a few different paper textures which you can turn on and off as you need to. I recommend duplicating this canvas so that you always have an empty one ready to go.

Want to know how to use your new Everything Watercolour pack? CLICK HERE to sign up to the Mastering Everything Watercolour course! 




  • IMPORTANT: These brushes are only compatible with PROCREATE APP for iPad



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