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For Procreate and Procreate Pocket


Introducing a collaborative set from Uproot Brushes & Wooly Pronto: Sketchbook for Procreate. Take your art from screen to page with this versatile toolkit!


Everything you need to create dynamic, dimensional sketchbooks, scrapbooks, and art journals.


Transform your iPad into a sketchbook, journal, or scrapbook - or simply create beautiful page layouts to level up your social posts. 


So what’s inside? This pack is comprised of three different brushsets: the Sketchbook set, the Paper Textures set, and the Washi Tape set. 


The Sketchbook set includes ‘Notebook Builders’: spiral binding brushes, page brushes, and shadow brushes - everything you need to create a  realistic journal spread with just a few swipes of the Apple Pencil. The fully dimensional binding brushes utilize Uproot Brushes’ innovative technique for built-in shadows and highlights, and can be used with any color to create totally unique, customizable journals. You can also create a spread to use over and over again as a base template with Procreate’s Page Assist feature, effectively turning your iPad into a multi-page sketchbook. (If you’re  unfamiliar, rest assured: we’ve included a tutorial on this, too!)


Once you’ve built the journal, embellish and customize with the ‘Office Supply’ brushes: from binder clips to post-it notes, stickers, tags, paperclips, and more. Just as with the binding, these can be used with the color of your choosing and are fully opaque - meaning you can layer them over journal pages without any fuss. 


Sketch and scrawl away with the 4 essential ‘Scribbler’ brushes: two variations of Abbie’s Ballpoint Pen, a soft pencil, and a felt tip marker. 


We’ve also included 12 ‘Photo Effects’ brushes, ranging from light leaks and lens flares, to overlays and texturizers, and even a Polaroid-style frame to give your photos a nostalgic aesthetic. Many of the photo effects brushes have suggested blend modes in the titles, so you’ll always know how to get the best results with them. 


The Paper Textures set is a fantastic variety of perfectly seamless texture brushes. Choose from the 17 different textures to instantly add realism, depth, and interest to your pages. Because these are brushes with seamless texture repeats, you can use them in any canvas size. They’re super handy to use with any project, allowing you to add ultra-real texture with just a few brushstrokes. Each texture consists of two brushes, each with built in shadows and highlights, for a total of 34 brushes. 


The Washi Tape brushset includes beautifully crafted, lightly textured tape brushes. Pick from 21 different patterns of washi tape, with each pattern including two edge finish options: scalloped, tape-dispenser edges, or randomized, torn edges. Because these are brushes, not stamps, you can customize the width and length - and yes, the color, too! With the two edge-finish options for each tape pattern, this set has a total of 42 brushes.


Paper Texture Brushes

  • 34 Brushes that make 17 Textures


Washi Tape Brushes

  • 21 different Washi patterns with a torn edge or a zigzag edge 42 washi tape brushes in total


Notebook Builders

  • 12 brushes for creating spiral bound sketchbooks in Procreate



  • 4 Scribbling brushes


Office Supplies

  • 16 Office supply brushes including Binder Clips, Post-it Notes and Pens


Photo Effects Kit

  • 12 Brushes for turning any image into a Polaroid picture


6 PDF tutorials

  • Drawing Guide Tutorial


1 Procreate Reference File


  • IMPORTANT: These brushes are only compatible with PROCREATE APP for iPad, and PROCREATE POCKET for iPhone



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